As Promised…The Padi House in

And so of course, as promised from before. I stole my hubby’s iphone and took better photos of the Padi House from my last post. And so here they are! Enjoy!



Lovely isnt it? It just really gives off an italian chateau vibe. I love the light fixings that they use and also the turtle pond under the staircase adds a really nice touch to it. Gives the cafe a more organic feel to it. With this sort of ambiance, its really a great place to just come to chillax and chat with friends..

 Check out these cute little turtles. There are like dozens of them in the cafe pond..they are so cute! ❤

And of course.. How can I forget the food. I gotta take better pics of them to make you drool on your screen! Or I won’t be an effective food blogger now wouldn’t I? Hahahaha…

 This is the Grilled Chicken Chop that I had last time which is priced at RM17.90. My hubby just loved it so much, this is his second time having it!

 And this is my friend’s order. Chicken Chop with Rice. Which was about the same price as the grilled chicken chop or a little cheaper if I’m not mistaken. (Threw away the receipt and cant seem to quite remember the prices..sorry.. >.<)

And this is my order which is the Spaghetti Alfredo. (Diam! Its my cheat day! :P) Priced at RM16.90. Not bad though a little heavy on the cream side. Got a little too much of it half way through eating..

And now, for the most important dish of all…

Yes! That’s right! Finally! My Macadamia Cheese Cake!  Isn’t she beautiful! That lovely caramelised macadamia nuts! That soft spongy cheese cake on the bottom…mmmmm…yum!
For such a beauty i just had to take more pics! Here’s another one!

Hahaha! Well…anyways..for yours and your tummy’s sake…the torturing ends here…there will be more posts coming up today because I’ll be having a technician dropping by to upgrade my internet to UNIFI!!!! Woohoo! Faster internetssss..hahaha! So I be offline for a day or right now I have like so many things to show you guys and I really wanna have it up first before I return to the stone age for a few hours..haha! See you in my next posts!


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