Tea Garden@Sri Petaling

So today me and my hubby went on a breakie hunt and we went to this place where they serve a variety of local breakie foods… And of course it just has to be at none other than Sri Petaling..  


 Tea Garden serves our local Malaysian cuisines as you can tell from the Nyonya style decor. The prices are average to those semi cafes/coffeeshop. Dishes ranging from RM10-18.

And so here comes the mouth drooling part…the food pics!

The Nasi Lemak Special, my hubby’s order. He loved everything in it except the orange acar there..lol…he loathed it so much so that he asked me to somehow “hide” it..hahaha… 

 I decided to go for a more traditional breakfast. Soft boiled eggies…( my favs! <3)

 Kaya and butter toasts (which was pretty good)…

 A nice cup of piping hot tea c…. (The name is Hainan Milk Tea to be exact)

And this is Chi Cheong Fun kosong..with a type of spicy sweet sauce.. Not bad though.. 

Not a bad place to have breakfast but not for lunch or dinner as theyhave many dishes only reserved for breakfast.

And so here ends my food porn posts for today. Ciao~


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