The Green Grocer of Sri Petaling

Nothing better than a healthy snack to keep you on your toes. Its very rare that you are able to find these fruits to be anywhere near the word sweet. But I found one none other than Sri Petaling. I found these juicy little things in a shop called the Green Grocer. They sell all type of fruits from local tropical to exotic imported fruits like these. I love these type of shops as I love fresh fruits! They also will be opening a cafe pretty soon behind their grocer shop where there will be cakes and coffee, tea and of course freshly cut fruits of your choice~ oh and they have freshly homemade juices as well!


Blueberries for me and strawberries for him. Lovely isnt it? I do love me some blueberries. And the awesome thing is, its nice and sweet not sour and rigid like how most imported berries are.. And most important of all they deliciously provide you with healthy nutrients like vitamins and anti-oxidants. A great snack for those who are on a diet. Note to those who are trying to loose a few pounds..try to lay off fruits that are yellow skinned like bananas or papaya, they contain a certain amount of carbs which i believe you would wanna stay far away. (Advice from nutritionist I used to know)

Anyways..that’s all for now. More posts coming soon on the awesome food stalls of Sri Petaling..hehe..adios!


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