BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe@Sri Petaling

Ah….its been awhile since my last post..have been slacking..hehe..

I’ve took the pictures but just never got around to blog about them. So today i gotta start blogging them or the photos will just keep on piling up! Ok! So here goes..

Here’s another Sri Petaling food post! I believe many of you who have lived in KL would know about this place as its like almost everywhere in KL’s foodies hotspot! Yes, its the BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe! Of all the vegetarian places I’ve tried back home, this is my favorite! Their food are really about eating healthy and not just a bunch of dishes with the fake vegetarian meat everywhere ( and FYI, these fake meat though vegetarian can be harmful and fattening if consumed too much!)


And look! They even have a smoothie bar if you just wanna grab a fast vege/fruit smoothie to go. And they even have all types of healthy juices too!

A nice and lovely simple setting. I love the purple walls, it feels soothing and calming just by looking at it. 

I believe this is the name of their organic vegetarian brand.

Now, this is my favorite part of the cafe! With every meal you order, they provide this complimentary “health treats” before your meal. Those little green tablets are organic spirulina chews. Each person gets 2 tablets, its full of nutrients. And that cup of tea is a lemon grass ginger tea in which they brewed themselves from scratch! And of course from organic natural ingredients! You’re suppose to sip it slowly before your meal, its meant to warm up your tummy for better digestion. (Told you they take health very seriously here..hehe)

I love it when they actually separate the sugar from your drinks so you can control the sweetness of your own drink! And they don’t just serve any normal sugar, its molasses sugar which is better for our health then the normal sweeteners.

So this is my curry laksa vermicelli dish. Instead of the usual coconut  milk that people always use in their curry dishes, this cafe uses soya milk and to my surprise, it tastes better than using coconut milk! I love this dish! I finished up the whole bowl of soup!

Oh yeah! Now i remember… I didn’t just ordered no ordinary vermicelli, i ordered a mixture of vermicelli and noodles! I was conflicted on which to choose as I love both..but then I saw they had an option where you can have a mixture of both! Woohoo! Best of both worlds! Hehehe…

Now this is my hubby’s dish. Vegetarian bak kut teh! He can never risist a nice steaming hot bowl of bak kut teh. was pretty yummy too! They didn’t just have fake vegetarian meat in there but also lots of other type of vegetables and tofu. The rice they served here is only organic brown rice with a little seaweed and alfafa sprouts on top. (Love the seaweed not the alfafa though, bleh..)

A little nice view from the top…lovely isn’t it? Drooling yet? Hehehe…

Oh! And i forgot to take a picture of it but at the back of the cafe, they actually have a small section where they sell all sorts of organic products from the consumables like honey, spirulina tablets and gluten free cookies to the non consumables like organic soup and feminine pads.. (Hehe..i know right? This is like the first have i heard of organic feminine pads..when i saw them i was wuuuutttttt??!!) LOL…

OK…so overall i would give this place a 7/10 rating for the food, a 8/10 rating for the service but 6/10 rating for the price as it was pretty pricey. (A simple meal for 2 can cost you about RM40+ excluding GST and service taxes.)

Well..that’s all for this cafe..though pricey i am definitely going back for more healthy eating! 😀


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