Sushi Mentai@Sri Petaling

Oh yeah! Time for my usual sushi fix! We came upon this quaint little sushi restaurant when we were hunting for dessert shops nearby. Its a simple little restaurant (could not fit more than 50 people i presume), but the food was just great! But what was even better than the food? The price! There were only 2 prices for all the sushi on the conveyer belt which was RM2.80 for the red plates and RM1.80 for the pink plates! When i saw the prices i was like are you serious!? That is like dirt cheap man! And you would think that with prices like that the food would be terrible, but I’m here to tell you its not! The food quality could be in comparison to sushi king and even sakae sushi! Though they may not have as many varieties as sakae sushi but does have a lot choices to pick from! And most important of all is that they have the all the sushi that i love! I know no matter how much i compliment it or describe it, i believe you still would have your doubts, so lets have the picture do the talking now shall we? Hehehe…   Caught your interests now? Hehehe…

  Sushi Mentai, as you can tell from the name, they specialize in their mentai sushi. (Fyi, full house almost every night!)    And do you believe? This was on a weekday night!                Food! Glorious food! Sushi! Glorious sushi!   And of course i gotta have my salmon sushi! (Btw, hubby stole a piece before i could snap a pic, hence the only 4 pcs left.. 😦 )    A close up of my lovelies~ this is what i call food sexiness! Hahaha…   Now this is one of my favorite sushi from sushi mentai. Their salmon vege roll. Costs RM10.80 in damage. But totally worth it! This is definitely for those who feels that the sushi rice may be too filling, and would like something lighter and still be able to enjoy sushi! Its similar to the vietnamese sprint roll as they use the same rolls skin but with added yumminess of the sexy salmon sashimi, juicy yet crunchy ebiko and the soft sweet tenderness of the crab sticks…combined with the fresh crunchy cucumber and sweet japanese mayo, it really ties everything together so well! And its really refreshing to! This is definitely going to my book of healthy eating recipes..hehe…    Aww..the chefs are too camera shy.. And to show you that i am not lying about the price, check out the price sticker at the corner of the sushi bar there.. So overall, I’m giving the food a 9/10, the service and environment a 8/10 (didn’t have to wait long even though they were always full house), and of course 10/10 for the price! I pretty much consider this dirt cheap for this kind of sushi quality considering it being in Malaysia. i guess that’s all for tonight! Will blogging about another Japanese restaurant pretty soon! Till then ciao! 😀


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