No no no! I refuse to admit that I am a year older! 

Ah well…as the title suggests it..I am now officially a year older.. *sobs* My birthday just pass like 2 weeks ago? (I know i know, blame it on my procrastination! ) My mom came to KL for a visit and we decided to have an early celebration the night before at….Umai-Ya!  Prepare ur eyes for some food porn!       Just look at those bottles of sake!     I love their traditional slash modernistic Japanese restaurant setting! I can just imagine it now..a bunch of drunk sarariman (salary-man) dancing around singing karaoke with their neck ties tied to their foreheads..haha…        More sake! @w@     Love this little cute cubicle! And there is my lovely mom and cute sister! Hehe…   Ordered by my sis, Kimchi Manju~ not all that spicy, mostly the kimchi was so so…     Now this is yummy! Ordered by the fiancé, smoked duck donburi…the smoke duck with raw egg yolk combined with some rice was heaven! A must try if u happen to decide to eat at Umai-Ya.   This was one my favs, California maki with unagi and cheese! The flavors combined really well together..this really ease my craving for unagi! Hehe…     This is also one of my favs! Salmon, unagi and advocado maki! Yums! It is even topped with a littl tobiko! All fav ingredients! (I know i know..most of the dishes has unagi in it, the craving just took charge when i was ordering..haha…)   Ahhh…and now for the *cocky french voice* piece de resistance! Sashimi galore! Oh and my ikura! My darling ikura! Slurps! I got my mom to hav a taste of a small tiny ball of the ikura and she squint at the taste..haha…(my mom just doesn’t like any animal related food, raw..haha..)     And ofcourse, we just didn’t hav enough of the salmon sashimi and we ordered another plate! Hehe!   Now this was not bad…can’t really remember the name though but it has yummy cod fish in there! And tofu!    The pressie my mom bought for me. Its meant to help in career and health wise.. I love it! Thanks mom! Love u much! Muax! ❤ Well..that is all for my birthday dinner with le familia~ Le fiancé ‘s pressie for me was a trip to the Cameron Highlands which I’ll be posting pretty soon..till then~ ciao!


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