Oh dear…how long has it been? Let’s compensate with Sri Petaling street food!

Ah yes.. Its been awhile since I’ve updated.. It’s been like what? A month now..oh God..old habits are kicking in again..my procrastination kills me..haha..

Anyways, as the title suggests, let’s compensate with a little yummy street food! You see, every Tuesday at Sri Petaling, the streets will be filled up not only by cars but also with rows and rows of stalls selling street food, clothes, phone accessories and other knick-knacks…in which we call the night market. (It seems to be pretty common around Selangor)

So me and the fiancé decided to visit this fine food fest which according to his mom is filled with yummy food and lots of things to buy..

And these are what ended up in our stomachs~

  Yums! Let’s dig in!

This is something unique which i find it pretty common in west msia where they tend to mix 2 types of noodles in a dish.. Like this one, itsyellow noodles mixed with kuey tiao fried with clams..similar to the penang fried kuey tiao but this has an added noodles..

A little hint of sambal goes a long way with this dish..hehe..

Now this is one of my favs! Its sort of like a Japanese spring roll! And its vegetarian! So girls, if u are thinking of eating some healthy non-fattening street food, this is the way to go! Its just basically like popiah but wrapped with seaweed, added japanese mayo and some fried crunchies inside..

This the famous Taiwan street food which is called Ou Ah Mi Sua. Basically its oyster rice noodles in herbal soup. The taste of the herbal soup was pretty strong, to me it was good but to some, they might not fancy too much of the herbal taste.

Now this, we did not eat this as i only bought it for our morning breakfast. There are alot of timsum stalls in which u can buy packet of timsum like this and u can keep it in the freezer and it can last for weeks. All you need to do when u wanna eat them is take it out of the freezer and steam them, and you’ll have a nice hearty timsum breakfast! Yum!

Oh well, didn’t take much photos of the night market as there were SO MANY people cramping the streets rubbing shoulders…ewww…so I didn’t manage to take any photos till i sat down and eat…

But if i do get a chance to go to a night market again, I’ll be sure to take more photos..till then..ciao~


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